Maintenance and Services
Monitoring, inspection, maintenance - our commitment

The operation of filtration equipment can require in-depth analysis: our team also carries out inspection, adjustment and upgrading work.

With MORTELECQUE SERVICES, you get peace of mind with an annual contract or emergency maintenance work.

Technical checks

Media flow rate and pressure loss measurements

Gas temperature, pressure, moisture content and filtration rate measurements

Visual inspection of tubes and accessories, and on request sampling for laboratory analyses

Cleanliness of flooring, seal-tightness of housings, door seals

Sequencers, solenoid valves, cylinders, reverse flow valves, bypass valves, etc.

Drainage/emptying systems, screw conveyor, scraper blade, seals

Fans: fan-wheels, belts, bearings

On-site fluorescent tests

Detailed reports covering all the parameters checked and recommending any upgrades

One-off actions

Dismantling used media

Emptying collecting bins

Cleaning cells

Checking housings, door seals

Reassembly of media including replacement of defective parts

Inspection of cleaning systems, valves, solenoid valves, sequencers, by-pass valves, etc.

Cleaning the site, removal of used media for optional disposal

Assistance with start-up

Maintenance contracts

Mortelecque contract maintenance teams work in your factory to ensure that flow rates, pressure losses and discharges are correct, as well as carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance, and conducting assessments and monitoring using online computer tools

Modernisation of installations

Analysis and design of what is required to modernise the oldest filters in order to

   increase their productivity, incorporating the latest technological advances.

Upgrading of recent installations

Improvement and restoration of installations


Process filtration
for the environment

Design - Manufacture - Installation

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