Your industries,
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A few of the industries we work in

Filter engineering and manufacturers (OEM)


Incineration (domestic, industrial, special, hazardous and hospital waste, WWTP sludge)


Mineral industries (cement, concrete, lime, plaster, coating plants, etc.)


Iron and steel industries, steelworks, metallurgy, aluminium


Food processing (sugar factories, distilleries, animal feed plants)


Chemical industry, refineries, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products and laboratories


Glass industry


Wood, paper and board industries


Water treatment and sludge dewatering (drinking water, urban and industrial waste water)


Surface treatment (shot blasting, sand blasting, liquid and powder painting booths, anode bags, filtration of baths, effluent treatment)


Air conditioning
    - Air treatment
    - Air distribution


Process filtration
for the environment

Design - Manufacture - Installation

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